Product Brand : APPLE laptop battery P/N Number : Apple PowerBook G4 Series Replacement battery : MACINTOSH APPLE 616-0132 616-0133 616-0139 616-0151 661-2441 661-2561 A1012 M6091 M8244 M8244G M8244G/A M8244G/B M8244GA M8244GB M8511 Battery Type : 8 Li-ion Cells Pack Voltage : 14.8 V/14.4V Capacity : 4400mAh Color : Grey Dimension : 115.70×109.15×19.00 mm Net Weight : 415.5g Apple powerbook G4 battery overview: optional 2 8cells li-ion Apple powerbook G4 battery Packs are designed to work with Macintosh/ Apple powerbook G4 laptop series style#: (Titanium) (15-inch Titanium) (15.2 TFT Screen) (DVI) (Gigabit Ethernet), but no A1078 laptop. Only the premium quality lithium-ion(li-ion) battery are used in all of our laptop batteries. All our Apple powerbook g4 laptop batteries have been UL, CE and ROHS certified, include Apple powerbook g4 12 battery, Apple powerbook G3 laptop battery and Apple Macbook Pro 17´ battery series. The Apple powerbook g4 battery will run over 3 hours after fully charged, usually, it holds over 500 charge/discharge circles. Apple POWERBOOK G4 Laptop Battery

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