Sep 212011

The Samsung U600 is a slim and modish slider opening mobile phone that is a member of the Samsung Ultra Edition II range.This new phone comes in a modern designed casing which has a smooth slide opening mechanism which reveals the metal etched keypad. The Samsung U600 comes with a large 2.2 Inch colour screen which can be viewed in the phones open or closed position. The phone looks exceedingly fashionable in either its open or closed position and the user can use the navigation tool and selection keys when the handsets is closed.The Samsung U600 comes in a shiny casing which is available in either a sapphire blue, garnet red, platinum metal and in a copper gold colour.The handset comes with a embedded camera feature which allows the user to take still photos and video recordings at any time. The user can use the high resolution 3.2 megapixel camera feature to capture their memories as a photo or as a video recording. The camera feature has an auto focus feature and all the useful camera features that are present on a stand alone digital camera but this camera is built into a fashionable and desirable mobile handset. The user can capture, save and share their memories on their Samsung U600 handset.The integrated memory is 60 Mbytes, which is enough to hold a dozen or so songs, but you can expand the memory to 2 Gbytes with a cheap microSD memory card. You’ll also find Bluetooth wireless connectivity, fordownloading music and games with friends, or listening in wireless stereo with a Bluetooth headset Laptop Samsung SGH-U600

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