The Samsung L770 is a smooth slider phone which has stunning good looks and high quality built in capabilities. This good-looking handset comes in a sleek black coloured casing with silver edging and highlights which enhance its stylish design. The Samsung L770 is a 3G phone which weighs almost 93 grams and its overall dimensions are compact when considering the built in technologies which are 102mm by 48mm by 14.2mm. The user can access the smooth keypad which is well spaced when the phone is in its slide open position. The screen is 2.1 Inches in size and provides the user with a clear 240 pixels by 320 pixels screen resolution in high colour. The phone has a built in two megapixel digital camera. The camera has with a built in flash feature which will brighten up those darker environments when the user is taking a picture in night time conditions. The Samsung L770 comes with blogging capabilities that allow the user to dispatch their pictures to blog site which can be viewed by others. The photo editing features allow the user to get the ideal finish and effect to each picture. In addition the video capabilities allow the user to use their Samsung L770 as a mobile video recorder which comes complete with video setting to guarantee the ideal video recording is captured. The user can playback their stored video recordings and transferred video clips on their stylish Samsung L770. Mobile phone Samsung SGH-L770

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