Sony DCR-SR220E 60GB Handycam® Camcorder is a hard-disk based standard-definition camcorder with a 60GB internal hard drive on board, allowing a storage of up to 14 hours 40 minutes of high quality HQ video. Additional storage is obtainable on to Sony’s Memory Stick. Face Detection technology with Bit Allocation for video and photos automatically gives bright and natural looking faces, while D-Range Optimiser adjusts exposure and contrast for evenly exposed backlit shots.A 15x optical zoom gives the possibility for users to get closer to the subjects and closer to the action. A Dolby Digital 5.1 ch embedded zoom mic coordinates with the video zoom to ensure smooth audio pickup and therefore linking the sound to the picture. With one press of the ‘Quick On’ button, this feature puts the camcorder to sleep while the next press turns it quickly back on in approximately 1 second. A 2.7-inch wide Clear Photo LCD gives a clear and bright view of your shooting subjects. DCR-SR220E

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