Sellers everywhere have found that many buyers are no longer able to take out a mortgage in order to purchase homes. Seller Financing is quickly becoming the only choice left if you want to sell your home in the current market at fair market value. Credit has tightened so bad that most lenders expect the borrower to have 20% down. But that doesn’t have to stop you from selling your home. Lease Options are now more popular than ever. It is most often your only choice to get Top Price in a down market, or when money and credit is tight. By lease optioning your home to a buyer, you get TOP DOLLAR for your property. Open your home to a large READY TO BUY buyer’s market that can’t qualify for the current tighter restrictions imposed by lenders or buyers that don’t have the large down payments required to buy right now. Our Lease Option Kit comes with all the documents and instructions you need to sell your home fast and at top dollar to the best buyer interested in your home. Use our Point System for buyers that help eliminate weak or potiential ´bad´ buyers. Use our Turn-Down form for turning down offers that help prevent you from having legal issues. Use our time tested multipage lease option that helps protect you and your home. Order your kit today, and receive our ebook on ´How to Lease/Option your own home in 2 Weeks! ´ Packed with scripts for the showing, ads, how to price rent credit, option money, how to ´roll´ the contract, terms and more. Helps you become an instant expert at lease options ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS! Sell Your Own Home – Home Owners Assistance – Lease Option Program – Owner Financing

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