Do you desire to be a blessing to others? Are you looking for a place to sow your money where it will be most beneficial? Look no further. John Ebenezer works with CMM (non-profit) organization to bring water to the needy of India. Every day the Indian people living in rural areas must carry fresh water to their homes in order to survive. This is done by hoisting containers above their heads which often weight forty pounds or more! The drilling of new wells provides thousands with new hope. For only $950, a new well can be drilled and installed. We give them clean water. Won’t you partner with us in this endeavor?

In addition, we currently has 55 children that were orphaned or homeless. For only $35.00 a month, you can sponsor a child. This helps cover all their expenses:

Lodging Clothes Education Food and Water

They live in the compound under the watchful care of John and his caring staff.

You can partner in the work with John Ebenezer through CMM and share in the blessings:

$35.00 a month for a child $50. a month for a pastor $100. a month for the land $850 for a new well $1,000 per year for building $10,000 for a church Well Building In India. Humanitarian Need – Drinking Water for The Dalit ´Untouchable´ Class, Caste, In India.

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