Enliven with 3D fantasy arts and illustrations!

These make Helena and the Orchestra of the World of Mist, a multimedia novel in videos, just the right choice for children, young adults and the young at heart seeking new fictional experience to indulge with.

for Héléne Grimaud

Stéphane MEER-April 16th, 2007

A soldier ran through the sacristy.

Soldier : “Colonel Malitte, the queen has ordered you to retreat and to join her in the main room immediately!”

What’s more, he had learned the hard way never to argue with an angry woman, and especially not when it was a queen who had total power over dragons, and especially her own, “Embers”, a huge male reproducer weighing ten tons and measuring twelve meters in length.If only this race of dragon were able to fly.Teresa : (gently and expressionless) “Colonel Malitte, gather up your men and organize a retreat. But first…BURN EVERYTHING!!”

A red flash of light lit up her pupils, betraying her interior fury.

They moved forward slowly along the length of the room, sweeping away everything in front of them with fire. They needed to salivate. For every three seconds of flames, they required about thirty seconds to reload. The dragons destroyed them easily, protected from the fire by their thick reptilian armor.

Be marveled with 3D fantasy arts in video! [3d fantasy arts]

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