Sep 252011

Pics of Fantasy

Merely seeing pics of fantasy arts create sparks and new dimensions for our wide imagination. In the world of fantasy, the improbable becomes possible. Seems very impossible but for young Helena, all these are coming true and she needs to face the odds and all.

HELENA and the orchestra of the world of mist

English Adaptation (Allan Wenger)

Helena and Jean-Gaêl were now in an immense, almost rectangular room.Helena : “It’s beautiful!”

As you can see, the room is our meeting hall, but it’s also our cafeteria, dormitory, in short, everything that a shelter should be.”

Jean-Gaël : “As soon as everyone is in here, we’ll close the passage door. It’s fireproof, impervious to the dragons’ napalm. Anyway, a dragon couldn’t possibly get through the tunnel, but you never can tell.”

One could feel his sense of pride. Obviously, Jean-Gaël was sure that they were safe, and it was comforting to let oneself be convinced….like a man driving his car. It was better to let him believe that his vehicle was the prettiest, the fastest and that you truly admired it.

We’re soundproofed from the outside, and the temperature is pleasant and constant. Here, we have our monitoring controls, with radar, protected from high temperatures, enabling us to see whether or not there are any intruders.

Helena : “What is there in the east?”

Megan Roberts : “Yes, and today, they’ve taken two new prisoners : Suzanne Servion and Walter Andrew.” (to Helena) Hello. You’re Helena, aren’t you? I’m in charge of attendance records for the orchestra.” (to Jean-Gaël) “…not to mention the loss of Michel Rombleau and Jacques Chatelier.”

Megan Roberts : “They were in the dragon’s line of fire when he broke down the door.”

He had gone to the conservatory with Walter, and they had shared the same joys and the same ordeals, the anxiety of musical competitions, the stage fright, the exhausting moments while on tour, and the utter joy of being in the same orchestra at last. Spoil yourself with more pics of fantasy. Visit [pic of fantasy]

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