What makes these audio books fascinating is the quality of the narrators hired to read these books – sometimes, an publishers cast an entire crew to dramatize the story – but I digress.

Check the free sites first. Many of the local libraries will have free audio book downloads available on their websites as well.

Then cut out and placed the images on his canvas, covering them with thick, but clear, layers of glaze.

Using black graphite on the white canvas, he would painstakingly trace and fill in all the black portions of the projected photo. More accurately such recordings are made from a film’s music track, because they usually consist of the isolated music from a film, not the composite (sound) track with dialogue and sound effects.

The first is the original London cast recording from 1999, while the latest is the film soundtrack. While it is correct to call the soundtrack a cast recording (since it is the cast of the film version) it is incorrect to call the original London cast recording a soundtrack. audio book mp3

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