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rovide people who want to use the dual monitors for their work/game environment Simply attach the adapter to the DVI connector from your video card and convert it to VGA connector , even can set up dual monitors / projectors (If your video cards have a dual display capability) Connect any VGA monitor with HD15 male connector to any computer with DVI-D port (25pin – 3x 8 rows and 1 flat pins Gold plated contacts to deliver optimum signal transfer, conductivity and durability

100% brand new with high quality One HD 15 pin Female VGA connector One 25 pin DVI-D male connector on the other end Make your existing DVI devices 100% compatible with monitors (VGA port available) for the video signals Gold plated contacts for better signal transfer16 Online shopping & wholesale — DVI-D 25 Pin Male to VGA Female Converter Adapter LCD

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