Description 100% new solar battery charger, charge your mobile devices anytime and anywhere! Saves power and protects environment Charge your mobile devices by solar power or USB power Ideal for travelers Compatible with mobile phones, digital camera, PDA, MP3/ MP4

High solar engergy converts efficiency: more than 15% Solar energy board: 5V/ 45mA High capacity of rechargeable polymer battery: 1000mAh Dimension: 74 X 40 X9 mm

Package included: 1 X Solar battery charger key ring 1 X USB charge cable 2 X 2.0 mm Nokia charger converter 1 X 3.5 mm Nokia converter 1 X Sony Ericsson charger converter 1 X Motorola charger converter 1 X Samsung charger converter 1 X Mini USB converter (UK plug) 1 X User manual in English Free shipping (Wholesale as well)– USB Solar Battery Charger for Mobile Cell Phone MP3 MP4 5733

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