Furs and wool:Moths prevention

Many people considering natural fibers and materials express concern about the potential for moths. That’s because the protein that is found in those luxurious, wool coats, the very protein that gives it its durability, only occurs in animal fibers. It is this protein that attracts moths and even carpenter beetles.

But, these pests are preventable with a few easy precautions. First, always have coats made by natural materials such as fur jackets, wool coats and cashmere capes cleaned before putting them away for the summer since oils and food stains attract beetles and moths. Manufacturers usually include care instructions with the garment, but if in doubt, dry cleaning is generally safe. Make sure that the area in which these items will be store is also clean, and if possible, keep them in temperatures of 40 degree or lower to discourage infestation. In addition, make sure that your coats are in a humidity controlled area. A humidity level around 50-55 degree is recommended. During the cooler months when the cashmere cape or wool coats come out of storage, brush them after each use.

Follow these simple steps, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get many years of enjoyment from your garment. And remember, Frank’s Furs and Fashions will be here help with the care and maintenance of your outerwear. Furs and wool:Moths prevention