The advantages of LED growing light is clearly obvious.

Each home grower who illuminat his plants with the conventional sodium/HID lamps, only has to look at his electricity bill. Most of them starts here to cry, because the usual kinds of lamps use 400 to 600W and mostly they need more than one of them. LEDs are producing few heat, so your water consumption will be much lower. This is also the reason, why your pumps, fans, air conditioning system ore brifly said, all your growing devices must work less. As a result of the long life span of LEDs, a further saving arises. With daily use LEDs hold approx. 10 years. In the same period you would have to renew approx. 6 NDLs, to two starters and 2 condensers…. again so approx. 400,– EUR per lamp. Larger LUX – effect. Because of the small heat LEDs can be adjusted in a short distance over the plants. Thus… small distance, results a larger density of light! As well some lover of the holy plant of the Hindus, the high current consumption became to fatality. The order guardians are looking for abnormal current consumer and favour the homegrowers with a visit.

LEDs use approx. 75% less energy than sodium lamps, with same result… LED Wachstumslampe, LED growing lights

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