With the increasing volatility of equity markets – particularly blue chip stocks a large number of investors and SMSF trustees are carefully looking over the property market. With rental yields at all time highs in some areas and prices negotiable, property as a long term investment for a Family Super Fund has never looked more attractive. In the past, the percentage of SMSFs with property has been low however that is now increasing thanks to changes made by the government to allow the trustee of a SMSF to borrow. When borrowing there are some special requirements to ensure that the trustee and member’s benefits are protected from the lender – a real bonus. If acquiring property from a member or related party the property can only be business real property. With the real estate industry now marketing and selling investment property to SMSF trustees and those with superannuation expect more than $50 billion in property sales to SMSFs over the next three years. Property, SMSFs and Borrowing

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