Sep 252011

The one stop web resource for foreigners in Norway is a new site for foreigners in Norway that is offering its members services to help them get acquainted with life in Norway. Anyone who has ever moved to a new country from their home will tell you that it is not easy. Your world is suddenly turned on its head. There is a new culture to come to terms with, a different climate, new rules to live by and, most straining, the new language that you have to learn. Moving to Norway offers all these challenges and more and for a person to manage to settle in they need support, guidance and most importantly information. Immino provides all this in a bundle that is bound to make the life of the average foreigner in Norway much easier and enjoyable. The site offers a wealth of information on a variety of subjects about Norway ranging from the best accommodation to current cost of living. The articles are not filled with tourist guide information. They offer in depth up to date information with external links to further reading resources. The material is designed to cater for the needs of people either seriously considering living in Norway or those already there. The site also has a section with classifieds where the users can find jobs, accommodation or look out for great bargains in Norway. Members can also post things that they have for sale, flats to let or job openings they would like to be filled. In addition to the information available on the site, there is added socializing functionality that makes immino the immigrants dream web resource. Members can create blogs, browse through other people’s blogs, share thoughts on the forums and organize events or attend other people’s events. This all comes together to offer a place where people going thought similar circumstances can interact and share their experiences. It is definitely a resource that many foreigners in Norway have been waiting for a long time. Added to all this is the advantage that the site content is all in English, offering the people a chance to communicate in a language they are well conversant with as they learn the Norwegian languages. The site offers an all in one package that is set to change the lives of thousands of foreigners in Norway for the better. If you are a foreigner in Norway or are planning to move to Norway, just enter in your browser and you will find out why so many immigrants in Norway have set it as their default homepage. The one stop web resource for foreigners in Norway

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