Stop trying to add crappy Net terms trade lines that seem to never report. Get them added quick, and at eye popping limits for less money than Net trades. Why do you need 10 trades? Because a thick file is key along with high credit lines reporting. These are big factors in acquiring Non PG credit accounts. Most people are advised to seek Net term accounts to build files when they first start out. The only problem is, most will spend between $50-$100 on average on about 6-8 accounts to only find out that 2 or 3 are reporting within the first 60 days. Not a total waste, unless you have months to sit back and wait! We are a business credit establishment company who consults, provides services and products to beginning and sophisticated business clients who want to leverage themselves to the ultimate level in business financing. We get clients to a place where the company can stand by itself with corporate credit and empower them within 2 weeks to 4 months. These services are designed for the business owner who does not want to continue being the personal guarantor for every financial agreement they sign. Services are for a new or established business or we can provide a shelf corporation with up to 25 years of aged history. We will advise of the best type of entity to establish based on our evaluation of your needs; we will provide an INC. or LLC. We will transfer ownership of a shelf corporation to you with all necessary info already included, allowing you to hit the ground running. Our solutions are high end and tailor to business owners who understand the game of leverage. Toll Free: 888-411-BizCredit (888-411-2492) Email Us: Website: The Secret to Obaining Buisness Credit!

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