Easy to adjust, easy to read LCD display, be ultra portable Effectively help you to track your progress and improve your stamina Environmental friendly life style, get into action with this compact and exquisite pedometer Handy clip allows you to clip it neatly to your strap for more accurately calculating Your ideal company, keep walking-stay fit and provide you a best shape, enjoy your health Energetic as well as stylish design, practical as a fat analyzer

Reset button to clear step number memory Mode button to transfer and display in turn: steps/distance (mile, km)/calorie (kcal) Count steps accumulatively to a maximum of 39999 steps Count walking steps according to waist movement Belt clip for wearing, for accurate calculation, please wear the pedometer vertically, about 15cm or 6 inches left or right from the central line of the waist Stride default is 60cm(24 inch), weight default us 60kg(120 pound) Battery-saving auto start & shut off Powered by 1 x LR44 button cell battery In LCD screen, the miles, calories and kilometers have arrows pointing to them, but the step indictor does not Size: 47x 34x 11 mm Color: white Wholesale and online shopping –Multifunction Electronic Digital Pedometer Step Counter

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