An Easier Life With An Electric Riser Chair

An electric riser chair is an electrically operated riser recliner chair. The electric riser chair is of great help especially to the elderly and for people who bear mobility complaints like arthritis, gout or a whiplash shoulder injury. The simplest electric riser chair works on a single motor, but in some models more than one motor is used, especially on those with additional features like a motorized footrest. An electric riser chair usually works on electricity provided from the mains power source, however, it is only prudent to look for a chair with additional battery backup systems in case of a power cut emergency.

While deciding on an electric riser chair, there are certain very important points to decide upon. Firstly, you have to see whether your hands can reach the switch panel without bending for it. The purpose of a lift and rise recliner chair is to save you from bending. How An Eectric Riser Chair Will Make Your Life Easier

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