Relax-Well in the NO1 Riser & Recliner Pedic-Memory Foam Chair Imagine a place that gives you pleasure and comforts you, a place that you could go to, which gives you comfort like nothing else. Welcome to the Relax-Well-Pedic memory foam riser and recliner chair. Revolutionising the way we relax. The Relax-Well-Pedic chair will help change your life.

Unlike old fashioned foam built chairs that wears out, sags and lacks comfort, our unique material, which we use, originated from space age NASA technology that moulds to your body, reducing pressure, soft where you want and firm where you need it to be. This rise and recliner chair allows you to relax all over in ultimate comfort.

For a Free DVD, information and Certificate call us now on 0845 833 1198 or fill out the form above The British Rise and Recliner Chair Company

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