The Crucial Douchebag Problem Characterizations of the douchebag range from the sympathetic to the xenophobic. Such characterizations contribute to the confusion about the growing douchebag problem. The media usually portrays the plight of the douchebag in the United States using such views as sometimes ´glamorous´ or even having a ´celebrity status.´ Kanye West is a perfect example. There is no bigger douchebag on the planet yet he still remains to have a celebrity status. The only thing that we can rule in this judgment is douchebags themselves give Kanye this position. Only a douchebag could follow and look up to another Mega Uber Douchebag like Kanye. It must be tough being Kanye West. Just the thought of waking up every morning and having to find a way to let everyone know that you are a bigger douchebag than you were the day before is just mind blowing. Mega Uber douchebags such as Kanye West are sometimes and more often very clever in spreading ´doucheitis´, the highly contagious disease transforming normal responsible and caring people into complete inconsiderate, rude, conceited and selfish assholes otherwise known as douchebags! Kanye, you have the art of douchebaggery down to a science! . . . . . What a douche. The Douche Patrol & it’s Regional Deputy Douche Officers will be set up all across the globe in an effort to aggressively seek and expose douches and douches bags from clubs, bars, gyms, malls and retail shops, Ed Hardy stores, Affliction retailers, celebrity hot spots, spas, tanning salons, and where ever douches may dwell. As you continue to read and navigate throught this website, we are certain that you will agree with us, and come to the indisputable conclusion that douchebags were solely responsible for the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

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