Use the cheap and best laptop computers tablets from The best place to buy them online using reviews and ratings from experts and consumers.

ProCompare shows you the top rated laptops in each of the 5 most common categories:

  • Best All-Purpose Laptops
    These laptops can do it all and are the most popular choice for both consumers and business notebook users.
  • Best Desktop-Replacements
    These laptops are big, powerful and heavy. Their screens are larger than 16″ and they are great for gaming and multimedia.
  • Best Top Ultra-Portable Laptops
    These small and light-weight (2-5 LB) laptops typically offer long battery life and are a great choice for frequent travelers.
  • Best Netbooks 
    Netbooks are inexpensive alternative to the full-featured Ultra-Portable Laptops. You can only use them for basic word processing, email, and web applications.
  • Best Tablets
    Tablet PCs are arguably the most versatile machines in the laptop genus. Their screens react to input from a finger or stylus, letting you enter notes and drawings freehand. Light weight and long battery life make them suitable for life on the go.

For each of the above categories, ProCompare provides the following:

  • Top Ranked Laptops: Our selection of the top-rated products, based on expert and user reviews
  • Detailed Laptop Comparison: Concise comparison of product information (display size, price, weight) and our rating of each selection criteria based on analysis of experts and users reviews .
  • Personalization Slider: Allows you to optimize your laptop search based on your own preferences.
  • Where to Buy: A link to where you can find the best prices for your selected laptop, whether a new or a used one (when available).

ProCompare editorsselect the top laptops in each category based on hundreds of reviews by actual users and leading tech publishers.

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