The Mizuno MP-59 Irons  features a lightweight Titanium insert forged directly into the back of the clubhead. The thicker Ti Muscle material behind impact ensures that the centre of gravity is located closer to the clubface, which allows better players the ability to work shots whilst still offering the forgiveness of the cavity-back design. The Mizuno MP-59 is an evolution of the succesful MP-58 model. With the Ti weight added to the MP-59, off-center strikes will benefit from even greater stability.

The appearance of the MP-59s is also improved by reducing the offset as a result of this improved stability. Thanks to the help of Mizuno’s Tour Staff, the MP-59 irons now features a thinner top-line, a weightier sole and a new sole grind.characteristics of the pure titanium placed behind the hitting area allows for the ideal amount of thickness behind the impact area to deliver consistent solid feel while simultaneously providing a dramatic increase in permeter weighting for enhanced playability. The stainless steel medallian presents elegant aesthetics.


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