Most successful business ventures in the world have two major characteristics. First is focusing on the core competencies and the second is flawless execution on a constant basis. These characteristics require a strong framework of the below mentioned elements:-
1) Aggressive marketing Strategy
2) Strong Financial Management
3) Product Competency
4) Excellent Customer Service
5) Dedicated Team
Estiron was formed with this perspective in mind. Estiron is a leading Business Process Outsourcing company with a focus on providing end to end business solutions to clients.
Why Estiron?
The use of Estiron’s outsourcing services helps businesses to focus on their core competencies and let their outsourcing partners do what they are best at. This creates a win win situation for the client, as they are able to devote maximum time to grow their business and also get an aggressive team of professionals ready to assist them 24×7.
The range of services include (For details you can visit the official website:
1) Outbound Call Centre Service
• Lead Generation -Marketing activity intended to publicize the availability of a product or service.
• Market Survey- Systematic gathering, recording and analysis of data about product or service.
• Appointment Setting – Telemarketing conducted to generate and arrange qualified sales meeting
• Product Promotion- Informing, reminding & persuading customers to buy a product or service.
2) Inbound Call Centre Services
• Answering Service- Business service to answer telephone calls and convey message to the client
• Email & Chat Support- Manage clients e-mail traffic and help customers through real time support
• Inquiry Handling-The act of inquiring, seeking information, knowledge about product or services
• Data Conversion -The process of conversion of computer data from one format to another.
• Data Entry- The process of entering data into a computerized database or spreadsheet
3) Payment Processing – Invoice auditing services.
4) Web Solutions
• Website Design
• Website Development
• Web Hosting
• Other Web Services
5) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Off Page SEO- This consist of activities such as Back link creation (Link Building), Search Engine Submission, Manual Directory Submission, Link Wheel Creation, Social Bookmarking, Article Writing & Article Submission, Content Writing
• On Page SEO- This involves designing / presenting content of your website in a manner that it becomes Search Engine friendly.
Here we will be talking about Estiron’s Lead Generation Service.
What is Lead Generation?
Lead Generation is a marketing term that refers to identifying interest among prospective customers about your product /services. It is the first step towards customer acquisition. Lead Generation helps in bringing more business to organization thereby resulting in high Return on Investment.
Estiron offers Lead Generation services in every possible manner. Some of the techniques which are used for Lead Generation are Telemarketing/Product Promotion, Market Surveys and Appointment Setting with prospective buyers. In these services agents directly call customers, educate them about the product and understand their interest in the same.
Lead Generation can also be carried out through internet marketing. Here our specialized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team helps to bring your website to the top of Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. This in turn brings more traffic to your website which in turn converts to “paying customers”.
Estiron have a dynamic team of qualified consultants with rich experience from Big 4 Consulting firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young etc) who develop, implement and deliver effective results.
Estiron provides you with the best advice to market your product in the industry.

Article Reference :- Lead Generation

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