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Willow Bay Commercial Building in Jamestown, NY


* Motivated Seller-Exceptional Property * 60,000 sq feet prime downtown real estate * Positive Cash Flow * Great tenant mix, several government offices, solid local businesses offer secure income. * Recently certified kitchen approved for banquets and catering. Great potential to increase income! * Two Banquet Rooms, one seats 150, one seats 350. * Theater, with stage, sound, and seating for 700. (great for community theatre, church, imagination, or training center). * New tenant just signed lease. * 3,000 sq. ft. partially finished space offers additional income potential. * The parking lot is 55 feet wide by 115 feet long and there are 25 parking spots for tenants and visitors. * Many recent upgrades and improvements done annually since inception. * Appraised at $1,200,000.00 * Appraisal based on current income: $820,000.00 * Motivated Seller-Exceptional Property

Download full info here: Jamestown, NY Commercial Property, Terms, Positive Cash Flow, New Pics, New PDF info, Won’t Last!

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