It is advisable to keep your jewellery wrapped in acid-free tissue paper or similar to prevent items becoming scratched or the chains becoming intertwined and knotted. This isn’t always possible but at least try to keep your jewellery in a closed box.

Over time oxidation reactions will occur, care should be taken where possible to help prevent this tarnishing.

To resist this tarnishing, try to avoid the following:

* Applying hair colours or permanent solutions whilst wearing your silver jewellery. * Showering or swimming with your jewellery on. * Body lotions, hair spray, suntan lotions, or oils of any kind getting in contact with your jewellery. * Physical activities (Body perspiration) * Constant wear of your jewellery without ever removing it.

Silver Jewellery should be cleaned with a soft cloth preferably with an impregnated silver cleaning cloth or a Microfibre Silver Polishing Cloth that removes the tarnish that occurs when silver is exposed to the atmosphere.

Steam and other hot methods of cleaning are safe for metals but be very careful with delicate stones. You can make your own chemical dip by following these instructions:

* Lay your silver jewellery in the bottom of an aluminium (foil) pan. * Cover completely with baking soda. * Carefully, pour boiling water into your pan. * There will be a slight chemical reaction so stand back and don’t breathe in the fumes. Slightly agitate the solution. * Most of the tarnish should have disappeared. Rinse and dry off very well. * If all the tarnish has not been completely removed, go through the procedure again. * Only when the jewellery is thoroughly dry and once again sparkling, wrap and store properly.

Remember these points:- Stainless steel damages silver. Don’t use rubber gloves when you wash or polish silver – they emit sulphurs! How to Store and Clean your Jewellery

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